Save £125 off all Co-op Funeral Plans

If you buy a Co-op Funeralcare Funeral Plan before the 30th November 2017, you'll save £125 off the price. This means you could be saving £100s compared to similar funeral plans from Dignity or Age UK if you pay by instalments. And unlike other funeral plans, we guarantee when the time comes, there'll be nothing more to pay for services included in your plan (Co-op Set Burial Plans do not include the purchase of a grave, as the cost can be up to £5,000 in parts of the UK).


Co-op Members get more!

If you're a Co-op Member, you'll also earn 5% back into your Membership account of the amount you pay, which you can use to spend with Co-op businesses. 1% will also go to a good cause in your local community. Please see our Co-op Membership terms and conditions for more details and point 5 of our Terms and Conditions below about how and when you receive your reward. Members of other co-operative societies will not earn our 5% + 1% Membership offer. Independent societies may have their own member benefits. If you are not already a Co-op Member and want to join, you can find out more here.


Paying for a Funeral Plan in full

If you choose to pay for a Funeral Plan in full and you're a Co-op Member, after you've received your Co-op Membership reward, you could be better off by over £250** compared to other providers as shown in the table below.


 Co-op FuneralcareGolden CharterDignityAge UK
Funeral Plan Simple Value Limited Basic
Online price £2,870 £2,895 £2,995 £2,895
Co-op Member reward £143.50 *** £0 £0 £0
Total cost to Co-op Member £2,726.50 £2,895 £2,995 £2,895
    £168.50 more! £268.50 more! £168.50 more!

You can see the benefits of our funeral plans compared to other providers and why ours are fully guaranteed here.


Paying for a Funeral Plan in instalments

If you choose to pay for a Funeral Plan by monthly instalments, you could pay almost £700 more for a similar Dignity Funeral Plan. The table below is based on a Simple Funeral Plan paid for by instalments over 15 years, compared with the most comparable plans offered by other providers. That saving is without the Co-op Membership reward too. Plus Golden Charter’s third party costs aren't guaranteed and Dignity funeral plans don't include doctor's fees which could be £164 for a cremation outside Scotland.


 Co-op FuneralcareGolden CharterDignityAge UK
Funeral Plan Simple Value Limited Basic
Online price £2,870 £2,895 £2,995 £2,895
Deposit required £0 £49 £0 £0
Monthly instalment £21.30 £21.05 £25.14 £24.30
Total amount payable £3,834 £3,838 £4,526.60 £4,375.46
    £4 more £692.60 more! £551.46 more!

** Based on funeral plans similar to the Co-op Simple Funeral Plan as shown on our comparison table.
*** The Co-op Membership Reward is paid into your Membership Account to spend on future Co-op purchases.

Dignity & Age UK prices were taken from their websites on 29th August 2017. Golden Charter prices were from a telephone quote provided by them on 29th August 2017. All prices based on an individual with the date of birth of 14th February 1954 paying in instalments for a Funeral Plan over 15 years. 


£125 off terms & conditions

  1. The £125 saving is available for all Funeral Plans bought online, in our funeral homes, by post or by telephone and can only be applied towards the full price of a Funeral Plan. There is no requirement to enter a promotional code as the discount will be applied automatically.
  2. The £125 saving is available on all Funeral Plans purchased between 29th August 2017 until midnight on 30th November 2017. Only Set Funeral Plans can be purchased online or over the phone. Set Funeral Plans, Tailor Made Funeral Plans, Memorial Masonry Funeral Plans and Woodland Burial Funeral Plans can be purchased in our funeral homes or woodland burial grounds.
  3. The £125 savings replaces our normal £100 online saving and is not in addition to it.
  4. The Funeral Plan purchaser can purchase a Funeral Plan for themselves or another person.
  5. A valid Co-op Membership number will need to be provided at the time of purchasing the Funeral Plan in order for you to receive the Membership reward of 5% which will be paid into your Membership account. This is paid after the 30 day cooling off period and in line with your payment choice. If you pay for your plan in full, you'll receive your Member Reward in full, if you pay by monthly instalments you'll receive your Member Reward in monthly instalments.
  6. The Co-op Membership reward will be applied to the price paid after the £125 saving.
  7. The £125 saving may not be exchanged for cash.
  8. The £125 saving may not be used in conjunction with any other offer, membership offer, (excluding Membership rewards), discount or promotion being run simultaneously by Funeralcare or the Co-op Group. 
  9. We reserve the right to withdraw or modify the £125 offer at any time in whole or in part in the event that it makes it necessary to do so.
  10. The £125 saving is not available in independent Co-op societies. These include Central England, East of England, Midcounties, Tamworth, Southern, Chelmsford Star, Scotmid, Heart of England, Channel Islands, Lincolnshire and Clydebank.